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Vita-Bics Liver & Kidney Biscuits

Pets Own:
Pets Own Milk is specially formulated all natural, pet milk product to give a balance of all the key nutrients to your pet. The Pets Own Milk range is 100% lactose free, which is important to all dogs and cats in order for them to maximize the full nutritional values offered by the product. Pets Own milk has a multi use feature in that it can be used as a highly palatable treat that dogs and cats find irresistible, a milk replacement for orphaned and weaning animals and food as part of a special dietary requirement. The additional levels of specially selected poly and mono-unsaturated fats are optimally balanced with other key nutrients, to ensure that energy obtained from fat and protein is at the correct ratio. Pets Own milk products have been fortified with a range of vitamins, minerals and key nutrients specific to dogs and cats.

Blackdog is a brand  of Healthy Treats that are oven dried with a slight hint of naturally roasted flavour, all dogs and cats will find these products truly irresistible and will keep them occupied with hours of good chewing time. Made from Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork, Kangaroo, Ostrich and Emu and a range that includes sausage sticks, jerky,bones, cartilage, and organ products, there is a treat that caters to all pet tastes. Our bones and jerky products are as close to what animals would eat naturally in the wild. Our sticks, nuggets and other chews are all made from meat and have as minimal ingredients and processing as we think possible.


This range is produced and packed in a format for distribution and sale throughout the traditional pet shop market. All selling units are labeled and bar-coded for sale through electronic scanning at store level. The natural treats are fully shelf stable due to the drying process and no preservatives are used.


Oven Baked Dog Biscuits

Blackdog also manufactures and sells an extensive range of quality oven baked bone shaped dog biscuits. All biscuits incorporate omega 3 and 6 fatty acids,antioxidants and garlic and the range includes mainly natural ingredients such as real cheese and real liver and kidney, mint, parsley, and charcoal to name but a few. All are exceedingly palatable and low in salt, sugar and offer a functional aspect to them. Blackdog also welcomes any contract packing enquiries for domestic or offshore markets.

Vita-Bics oven baked dog biscuits have been developed with the knowledge and experience gained from years of producing and supplying dog biscuits to the Australian market. Dog biscuits have traditionally been seen as being dull and boring until Vita-Bics came along. Vita-Bics dog biscuits are visually appealing, highly palatable and offer a nutritional functionality that assists and deals with every day health issues. Vita-Bics are fortified with a range of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, powerful antioxidants, amino acids, garlic and essential vitamins and minerals. All dogs will benefit greatly from a Vita-Bics dog biscuit everyday.
Smokehouse Snax:
Smokehouse Snax are a range of oven dried treats for dogs, they are what dogs would eat naturally in the wild if given a choice. Slowly oven dried with a slight hint of natural smoked flavor which dogs find irresistible, they will keep your pet satisfied for hours and hours of chewing. Not like other treats that are made from offal, flavors and colors, Smokehouse Snax are 100% all natural and made from approved Beef, Pork and Lamb products. Bones and cartilage should be an important part of every dogs diet, to ensure that teeth are kept clean from tartar build up and gums are massaged to keep them healthy.