Apetite Foods Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1991 and is a wholly Australian owned company that specializes in the development of products for the pet food and pet treats market.
The company was founded on the principles of innovation, quality and good nutrition in pet products. Adding value and a functional aspect to pet products is an integral part of our focus and all of our products are produced using the highest quality ingredients, in premises that meet strict manufacturing processes.
Our company's core operation is in marketing of pet milk products, dried treats and manufacture of oven baked dog biscuits and our brand portfolio includes Pets Own, Smokehouse Snax, Vita-Bics and Blackdog. Our company's products are sold throughout Australian supermarkets as well as distributed throughout the professional market and exported to many markets around the world.
The success of our products in Australia and international markets has been through education and trial and is supported by many testimonials received from happy consumers over the years. Apetite Foods will continue to develop innovative products that bring satisfaction and enjoyment to your pet and keep your cat purring and dogs tail wagging for the life of your pet.