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Welcome to Apetite Foods
Apetite Foods is an Australian privately owned natural pet food manufacturer specializing in a range of formulated lactose free pet milk products and healthy pet treats that are 100% all natural, dried and are mainly made from beef, pork, lamb and kangaroo products.
Innovative healthy pet treats
Pets Own:
Category leading pet milk has high linoleic and amino acids content essential for healthy skin and shiny coats.
Smokehouse Snax:
Chewy slowly dried 100% natural dog treats (no preservatives/ artificial colours or flavours).
Vita Bics:
Irresistible functional dog biscuit treats that are an incredible mix of antioxidants/ Omega 3 & 6, vitamins & minerals.
Black Dog:
The largest range of oven dried dog treats and cat treats that are either exactly what animals consume in the wild or are close to it. Please look under Blackdog in the Products icon above to see the vast range of healthy treats available or click on the Blackdog logo on the right side of this page.
Proudly Australian Owned and Operated
Apetite Foods Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1991 and is a wholly Australian owned company that specializes in the development of products for the pet food and pet treats market.....